Tropical Handcrafted Beverages in Seconds.

ZURENA All-Natural drink mixers does all the work for you. No additional ingredients necessary. Simply add to your favorite white or dark SPIRIT, wine, bubbly or beer and you have an instant high-quality handcrafted cocktail. Don’t drink alcohol? No problem. These mixers can be added to club soda, teas, juices and crushed ice to make instant high-quality handcrafted mocktails. Whatever your pleasure, ZURENA brings passion and excitement to your taste buds.

ZURENA Tropical

Enticing and refreshing, ZURENA Tropical is an all-natural mélange of tropical fruit juices and exotic Caribbean spices. Close your eyes, feel the sand in your toes and the warm sunshine on your face. Let ZURENA Tropical take you on a magical journey to the Islands every time.


ZURENA Ginger is unlike any mixer you have ever tasted, blending Caribbean spices, tropical fruit juices, and the zest of ginger to bring balance and sets the right tone for your drinks. ZURENA Ginger is smooth and savory, adding passion and wild imagination to every sip.


Award Winning