Zurena Mule

Cocktail Recipe: Zurena Mule We pay homage to Texas innovation by making our signature mule with Tito’s vodka. Cheers to the Lone Star State! 5 oz Tito’s Vodka 5 oz Zurena Ginger Instructions Mix all ingredients together in a lowball with cubed ice. Stir 3...

Spicy Zurena Mule

White Spirits Recipe: Spicy Zurena Mule Yes, Zurena can bring the spice to a mule. Can you handle it? 2 oz Zurena Ginger 2 oz blanco tequila Juice of 1 lime Squirt of sriracha sauce 1 stick of lemongrass 1 lime wheel Ice cubes Instructions Combine Zurena, tequila,...

Spice of the Caribean

White Spirits Recipe: Spice of the Caribean Innovative twist to a classic rum punch, and inspired by the spices of Grenada “The Spice Isle of the Caribbean”. 2 oz White Rum 4 oz Zurena Tropical Dash Nutmeg Dash All-Spice Ice Cubes Instructions Combine rum and Zurena...

Blossoming Gin

White Spirits Recipe: Blossoming Gin Gin blossoms in a garden, where temptation feels so right. This cocktail can make you fall for what you feel. 1.5 oz Botanical Gin 1 oz Zurena Tropical Sparkling Rose Lemonade 3 Ripe Strawberries Edible Flowers Ice Cubes...


Zurena has legit turned me into a weekend traveler! I love it! I can’t afford a trip to the Caribbean every weekend, but I sure as hell can afford a bottle or two!!! Let’s get it ! #myzurena


I was so relaxed, best nap ever, when I woke up from my nap I wanted more!!! But not trying to be alcoholic, so I mixed some Zurena ginger with some Heineken zero alcohol and that was awesome!!!


I am not a big drinker, but I had tried the original Zurena in the past and it was good, I enjoyed it. But these new flavors are insane. It was a gift on thanksgiving and it was awesome! So I looked online and ordered more ASAP! I mixed the ginger flavor with Tito’s Vodka and the tropical with Hennessy Privilege, legit put me in vacation mode!


Definitely a fan of the original ZURENA. Now experimenting with the new flavors. Lots to explore, but the vodka and prosecco pairings are promising so far.

Nigel C.