Win One of Two Zurena Gift Sets

You deserve to be celebrated! Zurena, the simple and versatile Caribbean mixer brand, is celebrating the launch of its #UpliftingSpirits campaign by giving away two #UpliftingSpirits Gift Sets valued at $50 each. Winners will receive two full-size bottles of Zurena, a cocktail shaker, swag, and a 1:1 virtual “Create Your Own Mocktail”  session with Founder & Master Mixologist…..READ MORE

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

ZURENA is a universal cocktail and mocktail mixer that puts the flavor of the Caribbean in the palm of Dad’s hand. With these all natural mixers, you can quickly and easily create customized, delicious drinks that don’t require tricky recipes and mixing expertise….READ MORE

Nigel Vaughn Smith Talks Venturing Into the Spirits Industry as a serial entrepreneur at Age 40 and Rising From Humble Beginnings.

Launching a successful business regardless of industry is never easy and takes a true entrepreneurial mindset. The Spirits and All Natural Drink Mixer Industry is one of the toughest to penetrate and survive in. In addition, while it is undeniable that people from all walks of life can now have a shot at securing a coveted spot at the top of their markets, the odds are not in favor of the start up warriors who put their blood sweat and tears into their dreams……READ MORE

Hidden Gems: Meet Nigel Smith

I am an immigrant from a developing country in the Caribbean, Trinidad & Tobago. Even though I grew up in paradise in a family of love, I also had very humble beginnings and also faced numerous hardships. Upon arrival in the USA, I started off in the honors program at a highly reputed community college in Rockland County, NY. I transitioned after my first year to Howard University where I did really well….READ MORE

ZURENA Launches Caribbean-Inspired Drink Mixers in H-E-B Retailers Across Texas

ZURENA, the portfolio of simple and versatile Caribbean drink mixers, today announced its expansion with H-E-B grocery stores, offering consumers access to premium non-alcoholic drink mixers in the Lone Star State. Made with a blend of Caribbean spices and tropical fruit juices, ZURENA can be added to any beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to deliver a delicious drink with a tropical twist.….READ MORE