Launching a successful business regardless of industry is never easy and takes a true entrepreneurial mindset. The Spirits and All Natural Drink Mixer Industry is one of the toughest to penetrate and survive in. In addition, while it is undeniable that people from all walks of life can now have a shot at securing a coveted spot at the top of their markets, the odds are not in favor of the start up warriors who put their blood sweat and tears into their dreams. Given the barriers that continue to hinder self-starters from achieving their goals, it’s all the more admirable when go-getters from humble beginnings like Nigel Vaughn Smith manage to overcome the odds and establish a name in an industry known for its cut-throat nature.

A well-respected personality set on disrupting the liquid refreshment beverage market, Nigel Vaughn Smith bears a story that resonates with millions of people worldwide. Born and raised in the projects of the East Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, he grew up intimately privy to the seemingly never-ending string of challenges that life has to offer, from living in a neighborhood rife with violence to a lack of running water.

Like countless immigrants, Nigel Vaughn Smith moved to America with his Mother armed with a dream and went all-out in translating his visions into reality. After initially starting off at a community college in Rockland County, he continued his education at Howard University, where he graduated as valedictorian. Years down the road, this highly inspirational figure would earn an MBA from Stanford University and work at some of the most admired brands in the world, including Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Company, Visa USA, and AARP Innovation Labs.

With a long list of accomplishments under his belt and over two decades of experience taking on strategy and innovation roles, no one would have raised a brow if Nigel Vaughn Smith decided to take a step back and enjoy the fruit of his labors. But, instead of slowing down, he demonstrated that it’s never too late to venture into the entrepreneurial realm by taking his late grandfather’s cocktail recipe and introducing it to an industry that has long needed a breath of fresh air.

Currently, Nigel Vaughn Smith is spearheading the rise of Zurena LLC, a company that produces and supplies an impressive selection of premium, universal drink mixers. “We are a new brand in the $700 billion global liquid refreshment beverage industry, and we seek to disrupt the space with our innovative products,” he shared. Widely described as Caribbean bartenders in bottles, the mixers available through this brainchild of his create high-quality tropical cocktails in seconds when added to any white or dark spirit, aperitif, wine, bubbly, or lager beer.

Since its launch, Zurena has impressed industry peers and customers alike with the quality of its offerings. “Because our mixers contain no alcohol, they also create tropical mocktails in seconds when added to a club soda, tea, juice, milkshakes, or crushed ice,” added Nigel Vaughn Smith. Apart from this, what has earned so many customers’ patronage is that Zurena’s drink mixers are all-natural, containing no gluten and sodium, which makes them perfect for those who care what they put in their bodies.

Right now, Zurena is rising through the ranks under the leadership of Nigel Vaughn Smith. In the years to come, he hopes to transform his company into a powerhouse that produces staple products. Additionally, he aims to utilize this venture as a medium for making a difference in communities, driving a positive impact through cause-oriented initiatives.  No matter what Nigel will never lose his life motto of “work hard and play harder.”

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