Can you feel it? Everywhere you turn, anticipation is in the air, exciting the senses and enticing the imagination. Whether you are anticipating warmth, refreshment, something wild and new, or something a bit more intimate, adventures are right around the corner.

Anticipation for a New New in the World

Why settle for the same old summer routine? There are new people to meet, new fashions to wear, and new places to explore. Break out of your comfort zone and take a chance on a new hobby, new music, new food, and new drinks. Change your outlook and view the world and all its wonders with a totally new perspective that uncovers never-before-seen beauty and wonder.

Anticipation for Love

Summer brings with it many opportunities for love. Whether you are meeting someone new or getting in touch with self-care, love is everywhere. If you bring love to everything you do, then you will receive love in return. Gardens tended with love bear flowers and fruit. Love enhances the flavor of our meals and drinks. Love and thoughtfulness in our interactions yield expanded social circles, deep connections and conversation, and maybe something more in return to carry forward past the summer.

Anticipation of the Perfect Drink with Friends

What better way to celebrate the anticipation of summer than with the perfect drink? Summer gives you the freedom to experiment with cocktail and mocktail recipes for all occasions. ZURENA has been experimenting too, and we will be unveiling our new all-natural drink mixers soon. Much like summer, these new products are hot, fun, and creative; designed to enhance and bring out the flavor of every cocktail or mocktail you create. They are guilt-free, containing no preservatives, alcohol, gluten, fat, or sodium. Are you as excited as we are?

Take the edge off the summer heat by trying out a brand new recipe as you celebrate the summer and anticipate love and the best things this season has to offer with ZURENA all-natural drink mixers.


Zurena has legit turned me into a weekend traveler! I love it! I can’t afford a trip to the Caribbean every weekend, but I sure as hell can afford a bottle or two!!! Let’s get it ! #myzurena


I was so relaxed, best nap ever, when I woke up from my nap I wanted more!!! But not trying to be alcoholic, so I mixed some Zurena ginger with some Heineken zero alcohol and that was awesome!!!


I am not a big drinker, but I had tried the original Zurena in the past and it was good, I enjoyed it. But these new flavors are insane. It was a gift on thanksgiving and it was awesome! So I looked online and ordered more ASAP! I mixed the ginger flavor with Tito’s Vodka and the tropical with Hennessy Privilege, legit put me in vacation mode!


Definitely a fan of the original ZURENA. Now experimenting with the new flavors. Lots to explore, but the vodka and prosecco pairings are promising so far.

Nigel C.