Dark Spirits & Aperitifs

Royal Texas Old Fashioned

We take the old fashioned cocktail up a notch by combining Texas favorite Crown Royal Regal Apple Whisky with some fizz. Enjoy!


Invented by the CEO’s Mom for her 70th birthday, this drink reminds us that creativity can be as perennial as the grass.

New Fashioned

Nothing old fashioned about this timely cocktail… that’s why we call it the new fashioned.

Chai Chai

Aromatic herbs and spices meet the sass of ginger and the naughty lure of dark rum. Chai tea will never be the same.

Rum Punch

Nothing screams Caribbean like a good rum punch. Close your eyes, take a sip, and feel the gentle island breeze.


Named after the late Constable Eric Smith, AKA Sykes. Uncle of the CEO and someone who discovered the magic of Campari with Zurena Tropical.

ZURENA Sidecar

Our interpretation of this famous drink was invented by an American army captain in Paris during World War I and named after the motorcycle sidecar that the captain used.

    Sophisticated Z

    When you’re in that mellow mood, turn the lights down low, play some Bob Marley and have a Sophisticated Z.