Spring is always a time for celebration. The cold weather gives way to lush greenery, blossoming flowers, sunshine, and our minds turn to enjoying the outdoors. But this year, spring is more special than ever. After a year of darkness, spring presents the promise of hope, rebirth, and healing. Let ZURENA bring some of the joy and memorable moments you have been craving into your homes.

A Tropical Getaway Wherever You Are

ZURENA is a scintillating Caribbean Carnival in a bottle. This non-alcoholic, all-natural drink mixer made with the perfect blend of tropical fruit juices and spices makes everything in your home taste better. Whether you are chilling with your family at home, or joining friends on that Friday evening video-party, ZURENA will enhance your cocktail and mocktail experience. With ZURENA in your glass, you can usher in spring and make every event a tropical getaway!

The Healthy Choice for an Active Season

With winter behind us, we are able to get out and enjoy the fresh air. From spring cleaning to gardening, strolls down the block, to daily exercise, everyone is enjoying the outdoors more. And with healthy living comes the conscious choice to be good to our bodies. ZURENA is an all-natural, non-alcoholic, gluten-free, sodium-free, and fat-free premium drink mixer made with tropical fruits, Caribbean spices, and pure cane sugar, so you can rest assured that only the highest quality ingredients are in your favorite beverages. ZURENA premium drink mixer was made to enhance your experiences naturally, instead of introducing harsh chemicals and preservatives. Adding ZURENA to your favorite beverages allows you to enjoy spring with an added peace of mind.

Let Your Imagination Blossom

ZURENA is extremely versatile, and its uses are only limited by your imagination. You can, of course, use ZURENA to elevate your favorite cocktails and mocktails, but the fun and flavor doesn’t stop there. Give your iced tea, smoothies, lime-ade, and sparking water a tropical kick with ZURENA. The rich depth of flavor will add a new dimension to any beverage. But there is no reason to stop at drinks! Many of our followers use ZURENA in their cooking as well – whether they are brushing it on their vegetables, using it in a glaze or marinade for grilled meats, in a light and flavorful sauce, or even with desserts – the sky is the limit.

So this spring, make the season a true celebration of beauty and flavor with ZURENA premium drink mixer.


Enhance your springtime celebrations with two of our favorite drink recipes:


Club Soda Dance

4 oz. club soda

2 oz. ZURENA Premium

Serve on the rocks in a highball glass and garnish with a lime wedge


Ginger Diva

1 oz. Ginger beer

2 oz. ZURENA Premium

3 oz. Proseco

Serve in a champagne flute and garnish with a lime peel


Zurena has legit turned me into a weekend traveler! I love it! I can’t afford a trip to the Caribbean every weekend, but I sure as hell can afford a bottle or two!!! Let’s get it ! #myzurena


I was so relaxed, best nap ever, when I woke up from my nap I wanted more!!! But not trying to be alcoholic, so I mixed some Zurena ginger with some Heineken zero alcohol and that was awesome!!!


I am not a big drinker, but I had tried the original Zurena in the past and it was good, I enjoyed it. But these new flavors are insane. It was a gift on thanksgiving and it was awesome! So I looked online and ordered more ASAP! I mixed the ginger flavor with Tito’s Vodka and the tropical with Hennessy Privilege, legit put me in vacation mode!


Definitely a fan of the original ZURENA. Now experimenting with the new flavors. Lots to explore, but the vodka and prosecco pairings are promising so far.

Nigel C.