Summer is in full swing, and we continue to emerge from the darkness of the pandemic. Cautiously, we are starting to embrace outdoor gatherings, food on the grill, and get-togethers with friends and loved ones we haven’t seen in a long time. As we re-imagine life one step at a time, ZURENA has also re-imagined itself with a new look and brand new all-natural flavors.

New Look

The world right now is on the cusp of a new beginning. We are rethinking how we travel, how we greet the ones we love, even how we celebrate. ZURENA also has a new beginning of its own – a new look. The bottles are lighter, the labels are brighter, and the taste continues to get better and better. We wanted to create a bottle that would supplement the awesomeness of you, and we believe we have delivered.

Beat the Heat

July is the perfect time to get away from it all and down to the shore to soak up some rays, catch some waves, gather around a bonfire on the sand at night, and crank the tunes. What better way to cool off during a hot day at the beach than with a refreshing drink mixed with the “new look” ZURENA? Add a splash to your favorite seltzer, fruit drink, or adult beverage and make your summer outings times to remember.

Feel the Soca

Do you want to feel the rhythm of summer? The joy? The celebration? The passion? Then throw on some soca, turn up the volume, and pour a beverage. ZURENA is the essence of soca in a glass. The beats you feel in your soul are what you taste with each sip of a cocktail or mocktail mixed with ZURENA.

To celebrate the love of soca, ZURENA has launched two new flavors. If you like your drinks smooth and stylish, try ZURENA Tropical with its unique blend of all-natural Caribbean juices and spices. Feeling wild and untamed? Then add all-natural ZURENA Ginger to your beverage. This is a ginger mixer with a twist. It has that taste of ginger that we all love, but not one that will overpower. It’s exotic and smooth, touches the taste buds just right, and gives cocktails and mocktails just the right level of unbridled passion that’s perfect for summer, soca, and sunshine.

Our new flavors have not compromised our commitment to quality and our customers. ZURENA is gluten-free, sodium-free, alcohol-free, fat-free, and made with 100% natural ingredients, so you can feel good about letting loose this July.

However you embrace the summer, bring ZURENA along for the adventure!


Zurena has legit turned me into a weekend traveler! I love it! I can’t afford a trip to the Caribbean every weekend, but I sure as hell can afford a bottle or two!!! Let’s get it ! #myzurena


I was so relaxed, best nap ever, when I woke up from my nap I wanted more!!! But not trying to be alcoholic, so I mixed some Zurena ginger with some Heineken zero alcohol and that was awesome!!!


I am not a big drinker, but I had tried the original Zurena in the past and it was good, I enjoyed it. But these new flavors are insane. It was a gift on thanksgiving and it was awesome! So I looked online and ordered more ASAP! I mixed the ginger flavor with Tito’s Vodka and the tropical with Hennessy Privilege, legit put me in vacation mode!


Definitely a fan of the original ZURENA. Now experimenting with the new flavors. Lots to explore, but the vodka and prosecco pairings are promising so far.

Nigel C.